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Laser steel mesh +SMT


Our laser steel mesh has fine processing ability, the accuracy can reach 1μm! Our professional data processing personnel, combining years of experience, customer requirements and excellent software, can design and modify the steel mesh opening data according to the different requirements of the products, so as to solve the bad phenomena such as false welding, welding, tin bead and so on in the process of SMT patch for customers. Ensures customers to successfully take the key step of solder paste to reflow process in production process.

SMT chip processing currently has 3 Panasonic high precision SMT chip production lines, (chip speed 0.085 seconds/component) the minimum can be 0402.0201; Can paste BGA, QFN and other precision components, multi-functional machine automatic printing machine 1, semi-automatic printing machine 3, Jingtuo N-800 lead-free reflow soldering (8 temperature zone) line, AOI detector, solder paste thickness tester and a full set of production equipment.

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Laser steel mesh +SMT

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